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Our Team

Our consulting team of highly experienced professionals deliver results by applying their deep experience of organisational, team and individual factors to the business challenges our clients face.

They know how to translate personal growth and behavioural development to business success.
Andrew Houlston

Andrew is an experienced consultant who for the past twenty five years has worked with a variety of international organisations. He focuses on developing relationship-enhancing behaviours and effective management of change and leadership capabilities.

He operates in a variety of environments from corporate programmes to project teams and individual coaching, where his ability to combine behavioural development and practical tools and skills which address current business issues, deliver immediate and lasting benefits.

Andrew's strengths are in his ability to create an environment that challenges the status quo and leverages enhanced performance from individuals across the workforce. Andrew's success in delivering clients' business objectives and supporting organisation and individual development is achieved through wide knowledge and experience of organisational, team and behavioural skills development, individual coaching and change management.

Julie Exton

Julia has been working with organisations undergoing change for the past 15 years. Over that time her ability to develop individuals into highly effective teams has been utilised across the globe to support client organisations in achieving their strategic initiatives. As a Director, Julia is responsible for or involved in all aspects of the business including the design and development of Soma's interventions.

Julia has a Masters Degree in Management Development and is an Associate of the Institute of Management Consultants. Her knowledge and experience are of benefit to all of Soma's work, however her passion for facilitating the development of individuals uses her training as a Life Coach and Psychometric Instruments – Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Firo-B – to support individuals in achieving their greatest potential.

Ian Wells

Ian Wells has 25 years’ consulting experience working with leaders, their teams and their organisations to develop team and individual skills to improve performance and implement change.

He has also worked extensively with project teams to support them in winning large multi-partner bids and develop collaborative working and with parent organisations to develop collaborative capability. Previously he was at PricewaterhouseCoopers where he led the development of PwC’s change management approach used by clients and consultants worldwide and delivered a large number of change programmes including post merger integration, supply chain reengineering, systems implementation organisation-wide transformation, reorganisation and cost reduction.

Matthew Cape

Matthew has in excess of 15 years of senior leadership experience. Throughout this period he helped organisations achieve increased revenue while achieving cultural change, operational efficiencies and increased customer satisfaction. Combined with a track record in creating enduring and mutually profitable business to business relationships  In his last corporate position he led the change programme to successfully merge 6 departments, reducing cost by 12%, growing new business by 43% to in excess of £1.8 billion.

Since 2008, as a Soma Consultant, Matthew has supported numerous organisations internationally to develop the behaviours to create exceptional leaders, high performing teams and embedded enduring cultural change.
Supporting individuals and teams in a number of mediums to include corporate wide development programmes, new business bid development and individual coaching of senior managers and executives. With clarity he combines behavioural development and practical tools and skills to meet the short and long term challenges facing organisations.

Glenn Handforth

With over 25 years of experience leading and delivering major brand development and marketing programmes in the Business to Business sector, Glenn is an award-winning creative, results driven brand and design specialist.

Glenn has delivered campaigns and projects for some of the UK's foremost organisations, within strategic management consultancy, major project, top-ten design group and international agency environments.  He is expert in helping clients define and shape their value propositions and develop their brand, product and service offerings.  He is a specialist at integrating business and design principles to optimise delivery across multiple marketing channels.  Glenn also has a strong track record delivering corporate identity and change projects in high-profile organisations.

John Haigh

John is Soma’s administrator and provides the main point of contact in the office for enquiries and questions.

John’s previous management roles have given him a broad knowledge of business conditions in the U.K. and an ability to empathise with people under pressure.  A graduate of Cambridge University, John acts as the “anchor man” to the Soma team, dealing with administration and day-to-day issues and so leaving the consultants free to give clients their undivided attention.  He is always delighted to speak to clients on the telephone and specialises in trying to provide a quick answer to urgent queries.



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