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Executive Coaching

Inevitably the leadership skills and behaviour of a few key people has the biggest impact on business results and this is where we focus our coaching effort in our clients.

We engage individuals at their personal core,
encouraging them to challenge their beliefs, values and behaviours and develop behaviour that is truly in step
with goals.
  As well as delivering business results those we coach derive great personal benefit from our in-depth approach. Our skills base is broad and deep with NLP and gestalt roots but is especially focused on connecting the individual with their team and organisation and is always practically rooted in business benefit delivery.

We make use of psychometric instruments, especially
Myers Briggs.

Coaching Programmes

We set up a programmes according to need with individual sessions of an hour and a half typically at six week intervals covering topics such as:

  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses developing skills and behaviours to improve personal effectiveness
  • Personal reactions to change, and helping individuals manage reactions more effectively to increase energy for change
  • Current state of their teams and developing leadership skills and behaviours that enable improved level performance
  • Providing support for current and coming issues challenging individuals to anticipate and solve problems
  • Identifying possibilities for continuing the development process outside the coaching relationship by providing information on other possible sources of development.

Bridging the gap
between the workshop
and the workplace
Often coaching is extended to whole teams, challenging them to live up to behavioural commitments and practise new skills, bridging the gap between the workshop and the workplace. We confront breakdowns such that they become opportunities for breakthroughs rather than reasons to not realise the team commitment.

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