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Strategy Development and Implementation

A key role of business leaders is to identify new opportunities to take the business forward, defining strategy to meet customer needs and market conditions. However the bigger challenge is to create the capability to deliver strategy and to manage the inevitable resistance that comes with a strategic shift.

Soma helps leaders work to shift their focus from operational "management" issues dealing with how to get things done towards a more balanced operational and strategic "leadership" mind set asking core questions like, "Why are we in business?" "What business are we in?"

Soma works with the teams to develop leadership thinking, utilising strategic tools such as Ansoff and Porter to analyse current and future scenarios. We will challenge traditional approaches to strategy to incorporate "creative opportunity thinking" which incorporates not just strategic analysis and planning but also the core leadership skills of strategic implementation – 'making it happen' – creating the excitement and the skill and will required to make strategy reality.

A structured planning process that requires formulating objectives and then setting out steps to achieve them.
Logical linear, rational and sequential
Quantifiable, allowing measurement of performance towards goals and objectives
Designed to give control over the environment
A messy chaotic thinking process, experimental with information flowing from top and bottom –'the management of ignorance'
Iterative rather than sequential
A mixture of introspection and learning by doing concerned primarily with gaining insight into how to create value
About being different rather than better (operational excellence is still important)

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