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Collaborative Relationship Development

Relationships between and within businesses are critical to the success of many of our clients, especially those with large complex organisations, significant supply chains and major project activity.

Soma’s expertise in supporting the development of collaborative relationships, regardless of the contractual constraints, is based on over 25 years’ experience of developing the ability of organisations in a variety of sectors to work together to overcome difficulties, embrace differences and deliver exceptional performance.

It has been applied at all levels up to multi-billion dollar projects in oil exploration, in the nuclear decommissioning industry and in many organisations where effective cross-functional working was the goal.
  Our approach develops behaviours that lead to mutual respect, trust and truly productive and creative working relationships.

However it is especially effective in that it goes on to ensure alignment of other factors including processes, leadership and skills so that a culture and capability to support collaborative behaviours is developed.

The model we have developed through many years of research and practice, primarily on projects in the Oil and Gas, Nuclear and Defence sectors is set out below. (Our model is used by the NAO, for which we have carried out extensive research, as a foundation of good practice on major project delivery.)
Soma Collaborative Relationship Model

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