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Leadership Development

The development of a common framework and vocabulary of leadership skills and behaviours throughout an organisation confers a significant competitive advantage.

Since its foundation Soma has delivered a series of
high impact leadership development programmes, each carefully attuned to the strategic imperatives of our
clients eg, preparing for growth, transforming customer
relationships or building deep collaborative capability.

In each case the business return has been such that the programmes have been sustained over several years.
  Concentrating on fundamental interpersonal skills and behaviours, we develop transformational leadership qualities that enable managers to engage everyone in the organisation, generate awareness and acceptance of the purpose and mission of the organisation, and stir employees to look beyond accepted and comfortable ways of working – as well as increasing the effectiveness with which senior managers work together day and with their teams day to day.
Transformational Leadership

Transformational Leadership delivers: -
  • Trust – by leaders winning the respect of their followers by doing the right thing rather than just making sure others do the right thing.
  • Inspirational motivation – raising the stakes, encouraging employees to achieve levels of performance beyond their own expectations.
  • Intellectual stimulation – getting employees to challenge their assumptions and think about old problems in new ways, allowing followers to find their own solutions rather than supplying all the answers.
  • Individual consideration – treating employees as individuals, being compassionate and working with empathy, recognising and celebrating their achievements, without accommodating poor results
Transformational Leaders focus on the strategic elements of business without losing sight of the operational.

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