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Customer Relationship Management

"Our customers expect us to change our behaviour: they
are no longer satisfied with delivering just what they ask
when they ask it. They want us not only to anticipate
their needs proactively but to go further to work with
them as partners to define their needs within an
enduring partnership. If we don't change to meet these
expectations someone else will"

Soma's approach is based on these principles:
  • Focus on the most important relationships: you can't create the same level of strategic relationship with everyone – we help you understand the true potential in terms of mutual benefits of your most significant customers and invest accordingly
  • Holistic strategic alignment: organisations need to work well together at the operational interface but also at a deeper strategic level so that behaviours and leadership style, for example are aligned. Understanding and learning to work with a customer's culture is more instrumental in the long term
  • Assertive relationship: customers increasingly don't want suppliers just to do as they are told – they are looking for challenge as well as support to drive creativity and improving performance. Developing the confidence and behavioural skills to stand toe to toe with clients, usually more challenging at lower levels of the organisation, is fundamental to our approach.
  Our approach creates lasting profitable relationships for
businesses and rewarding inspiring roles for individuals

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